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Back, and with a vengeance
Presenting: The Kardashians' Khristmas Kard! - The Hollywood Gossip Ead this. Fucking read this, and now. If you do not then start Saying Goodbye to the America you claim to know and love fucking.
To think our government HAS the balls, THE FUCKING BALLS, to go through with this bullshit. So much for our Constitution. Better pack your bags and move to Canada while we're ahead of the curve .
Did you hear about this on the news? On Any website that's beens affiliated with Major news networks? No? OF COURSE NOT!
While NDAA and SOPA are silently Being Passed-through Congress, we're still getting the latest gossip on the Kardashians and the newest tech-toys for the season. Our own news networks Have Been payed off to keep us all ignorant about Laws thesis.
Not to mention thesis Laws Would Be in the favor of people like Scott Walker (Current Governor of Wisconsin and Republican) and the new Republican Presidential candidate ludicrous Should They Be Elected.
What does NDAA and SOPA do? Here's a brief glimpse:
SOPA: Any parody you make online, anything That Could Potentially Someone help using copyrighted material.Gone. It never Happened. You Can not Even make parodies of movies

Source: americalandofthewhat.blogspot.com

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By ShhhGossipTV Entertainment is: Shhh! Gossip talks about * Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus are not over? * Miley + Justin Bieber duet at
Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber put to rest rumors DATING! + Miley & Liam are NOT over!?

Open source gaming magazine

Wikipedia Founder Launches "Open-Source Game Magazine"
Gamingwikia Wikia, the new project of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, announced today the debut of gaming.wikia, described by the company as an "open-source magazine" about video games to which any user can add content.
Yes, I know that sounds like NeoGAF run amok, but think about it: you can actually go in and ...ndustry, and information on luxury and classic cars.
• Gaming.wikia , which focuses on computer and video games, includes information on games for all types of consoles, as well as tips and tricks for popular video games.
• Health.wikia , which features detailed list of hundreds of diseases with information on their definitions, causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention techniques.

Well, my latest faux pas at work....

So I think I told you guys I was really frustrated one day when they brought this new drug dispensing machine in and it didn't work very well, and we had only minimal training on it, it was slowing is WAY down, and I was stuck and asked my supervisor how to get something out and she refused to help me. So I flipped her the bird to her back. I was just so frustrated. No one else saw. Unfortunatel...BY THE WAY, guess what came in my mail today? A personal note from the interim VP of nursing which said (and I quote):
"Just a note to let you know that I received a wonderful compliment from one of our patients you cared for recently. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our patients. You certainly left a wonderful impression and are a great representative for (blank) Hospital."

Vegan chain pitched by Jess Simpson's Fiancé

Seems the soon-to-be Mr. Jessica Simpson is looking to be more than red-carpet arm candy for his world-famous fiancée, and word is that he's set his sights on the restaurant biz. His pitch? A chain of fast-food vegan restaurants.
It's all a bit surreal: an ex-pro-football player dating a pop princess/reality TV queen, deciding what the world needs now is short-order tofu stick...d).
If "former NFL player" and "vegan" seems about as likely to appear in the same sentence as "Jessica Simpson" and "Nobel Prize for physics," well, it may be that Johnson's latest inspiration owes more to his fiancée than anyone is letting on. Simpson made predictable B-list celeb news last summer when she Tweeted to fans that she's embarked on a vegan diet.
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Keeping Up Kardashian

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HAHAHAHA. We're sorry, one goal of our latest polls Cdn Be now closed. It's clear That Kim Kardashian is The Funniest Woman Alive.

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