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As Seen On TV: Kardashian Luxury Home for Sale

The Kardashian family home, the one that's seen on the hit TV show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," is up for sale. If you're intéressée, owning Will it set you back $ 6,495 million. The famous abode is lavishly roomy with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. In total, the residence Takes up 7, 240 square feet. It Was built in 1983 and HAS great Italian fountain at the front. Additionally, there 's a library, a media room, wine cellar and a can of fitting 2, 000 bottles. Outside, a beautiful saltwater pool and waterfall await some new owners to delight.


The mansion is found in a gated community in Studio City. It's not the first time the home's made an appearance on the stage house listing. In 2008, It Was Being Offered for $ 9.995 million; the Following year it Went Down to $ 7.9 million. Apparently, the home is styled castle in the after the Medici Florence. It bears year Italian name that's Somewhat bizarre Palazzo di Sono.Perhaps Someone misspelled sogno and the real name is "Palace of Dreams." As it is, the name's meaning is closer to "Palace of Is," as in, the verb 'is.'

In the Kardashians' reality TV show, this house Represents the home of Kris Kardashian-Jenner and Bruce Jenner - the mother and step-father of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian. However, the real home of Kris and Bruce is in Calabasas, Calif. Another show that's beens filmed in Studio City home this is True Blood. The exact address is 11947 Iredell St, Studio City, CA 91604. Michelle and Craig Schwartz Knizek of The Agency are handling the sale.



Source: www.luxuryhomes.net

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