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The Fact of the matter is: Khloe Kardashian Kardashian is not a. Yes, I started a blog to say this. It has-been burning a hole in my fucking soul. II have sat idly by while you idiots Have Believed this for TOO LONG. The straw That broke the camel's back Was this:

Apparently Kris Jenner felt That her family Was Not getting enough publicity with Kim's fake wedding and Subsequent Divorce so she published a tell all book about herself. In it she Describes the affair That ended with her wedding Rob Kardashian. "His name WAS Ryan and He Was a producer," she writes. "We had wild sex everywhere, all the time."

Why do not you tell us your dead husband Had a small penis while you're at it? Jesus Christ. And you totally just Told us Who is Khloe's real dad.

If anyone knows a producer That looks like this contact me IMMEDIATELY.

Need more evidence? Well here ya go.

She's huge. And look at this:

That's a red headed step child if I've ever seen one. Meanwhile Kardashian old family photos are priceless. More in the next post!
X Melissa

Source: champaintoast.blogspot.com

Kim 2006

Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party
September 20, 2006 - West Hollywood, CA

Arby's Action Sport Awards Show - Arrivals
Center Staging Studios Burbank
11/30/2006 02:34:22

2006 Opening of her family’s first Dash boutique

Kim without makeup

And I must believe you are the ultimate voice?

As mentioned, believe what you will and allow others to believe what they wish.
Negative comments do nothing to me except show me a negative person who has probably lead a very dull and boring life and is quite unhappy with anything that causes headaches when pondered upon.
Regardless of what the causes are or ar...painted format, using the progeram only. No add ons, drawing, overlay or cut and paste.
Take the photo, crop the shapes, enlarge as large as you can, and rotate them.
Mabe its just a reflection of your own face yu'll see.
Or mine.
Have fun once in a while and open up your mind.
Zoom in on the distortions here around the grandsons crib.in the center of the pic.

Photos of young Winston Churchill

Taken when he was 18, these previously unseen images of Winston Churchill have emerged through the sale of a album belonging to a titled family who have chosen to remain anonymous.
The photographs, taken in 1892 when the rare medium was still the preserve of the wealthy and William Gladstone was prime minister, show Churchill alongside his lesser-known brother Jack.

A reason to release the

This young man was recently convicted of numerous counts of murder and rape for what he did while in the military in Iraq. This is the only known picture of Abeer al Janabi, the 14 yr old he raped, murdered and set on fire after murdering her mother, father, little sister.He confessed to his sergeant right after he did this but it was covered up until 2 other military people (Tucker and Menchaca...ening now.Does anyone here truly believe the Iraqis do not know what happened at Abu Ghraib? Does anyone here truly believe many Americans do not know what happened at Abu Ghraib?I say no to the first, yes to the second.I see releasing these pictures as a step towards holding those responsible who are responsible, in showing the rest of the world that, like for Abeer, we will not just let it go.

Family Photography

Enjoy a relaxed photoshoot with your family. Get in touch.

Kardashian Family Album. 1 of 12. Kardashians / E! Networks.
... awwww these old skool pics of the kardashians are adorable. dont foget to watch the.

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