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Pictures of the Kardashian family

Facebook-source Ned Davis

"Facebook: Keeping Up With The Kardashians (FanSite)." Facebook. Facebook, 2012. Web. March 10, 2012. .
-This is a website fan on facebook That Consists of all of the Kardashians. It presents the fans with pictures, up to date events (shows, photo shoots), and allows 'em to stay in touch with the fans That Are "friends" with' em. The fan site is not limited to anyone, all people do is Have to "like" the page and or "friend" the Kardashian family page. It displays pictures of the Kardashian family as well as Individual family pictures of the daughters, Husbands and kids. The site allows the family to post links, pictures, and daily statuses of Themselves, Therefore allowing fans and followers alike how to 'em. This site Reveals the latest gossip about what the fans like and dislike about the show and latest news releases about the family.

Source: fanssitesproject.wordpress.com

[OT] Not so vegan cheese related. . . .

I didn't think this was an issue worth top-posting, but wanted to share with you and a few others who expressed interest, that the veganpiratengagement went well! I waited a little over a week to update about it because I needed some time to get the photos uploaded I wanted of the tattoo. Anyhoo-- it all went sple...e best, but they do!!
Thank you kindly for indulging me. :) I'm one giddy pirate.

One of California's first wineries

North of Camptonville, on Hwy 49, is the Pendola Ranch. As the gold rush began, a few enterprising men saw their opportunities not in gold, but in provisions for the miners. Some planted apple orchards, (and made cider), and one planted grapes, so as to make brandy and wine. I was afforded a tour of the ruins of this winery on private land, and had only a point and shoot digital camera available...ikely is the event that you'd be bitten by a rattlesnake, as the building literally buzzes with them.
The Pendola Family owns the beautiful property on which this remnant of CA history stands. It dates from the 1850's. The farm house next to the winery is occupied, and this is a working ranch. The history within the building, however, should be preserved. It is one moment from being lost.


I took some pictures and posted them here.
At the thread sugestion, I found the date on the works fram as 09 07.
I found that the wooden face plate it cracked and has not been repaired. If I keep it I will glue it. If I plan to sell the clock would most buyers want to do the repair themselves?
Thanks for all the nice information you all have supplied.


Not a vanity winery at all. He and his family worked hard in the vineyard and the winery. A humble, eloquent, generous man who was loved by his employees and will be missed.

The Kardashian Clan Grabs Lunch in NYC - GossipCenter.com
THEY hoped to end the film around the Olympics Could not secure accommodations for Themselves and the crew. Enjoy the pictures of the Kardashian family grabbing lunch at Olive and Figs Restaurant in NYC (April 23).

Families Pics

All About Families Families Pics Pics in One Site!

... thank for sharing your family photos, to all the haters back off!! No, I'm not the Kardashians close friend, just a fan of the show.


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