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Where did Kardashian family money come from?

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The Cheat

The 1915 silent film,"The Cheat" was directed by Cecil B. Demille and stars Sessue Hayakawa. A spoiled stockbrokers wife embezzles $10,000. from a charity she chairs and turns to a wealthy Burmese businessman who lends the white woman the money. When she can't repay the loan he makes her his property. The idea of the rape fantasy, forbidden fruit & all those 1915 taboos of race and sex made Sess...m industry's first minority mogul, he cavorted in Monte Carlo and drove a gold plated car and paid himself a $200,000. per picture. By 1920 he owned his own production company and made 2 million dollrs a year. As a youth he punctured his eardrum and shamed his family because his ill health made him not eligible for the Naval Academy, he stabbed himself in the stomach 30 times and survived.

Cosby video biography

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Bill Cosby was born July 12, 1937, Philadelphia, Pa. During his sophomore year, he left college to entertain as a stand-up comedian. Cosby's first acting assignment, in t... Homes, a low-income housing project in his neighborhood. At the age of 8, Cosby suffered a great loss when his brother James, the second oldest of the boys, died.

With money very tight for his family, Cosby started shining shoes to help out when he was 9 years old. He also later found a job at a supermarket. Despite their hardships, Cosby's mother stressed the value of education and learning.

Diamond Jubilee Sovereign

the new UK 22 Carat Gold Sovereign issued to mark the Diamond Jubilee

Why the Kardashians? and where did the Kardashian's money come from?
With All That Said, There Is the Kardashian family, Kim's tape is maybe a year.

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