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Family-owned cos. hve their quirks

Thanks for acknowledging my earlier reponse . . . regarding your spouse's current company being family-owned, I'd have to say that for the most part these kinds of enterprises are the types that are the least likely to change because their management & leadership is made up of the same related people w/ more or less the same values & attitudes, kind of like an in-breeding of ideas & methods, tha...of habit & free will, and generally we all get the relationships we deserve (personal & professional) because we can always choose to work to be w/ something different & better. It's not easy, but it's better than just blaming circumstances people are either born into are just too comfortable w/ . . .
Just help each other as best you can in this transition period and you'll both be fine :)

Do you decorate w/ table-top tree/s in addition

To your big/main christmas tree?

"In both Ukrainian and German lore, the tale of the Christmas spider explains the origin of tinsel. The story tells of a poor widow who couldn't buy fancy gifts for her children or decorations for their tree.
One Christmas Eve, she decorated a tree as best she c...ke, the tree was sparkling and beautiful. To this day, many families decorate their trees with tinsel, often including a small silver spider and web, to commemorate this miracle.
On our tinsel tree, a single spider sits in its web amid German-inspired glass-and-tinsel ornaments: icicles we made from vintage garland beads, and butterflies with glass bodies and shimmering tinsel-wire wings."

SOooo....just so I understand...

I read the Terms of whatever it is...service? Some people break those evry other day. (still here)
Cyber stalking???Happens all THE TIME (I showed you just the other day, remember in 4694?
4 6 9 4
And no ones does a thing. And all the players are still HERE.
Wow. Ignorance is such bliss.....
It's no wonder that sometimes this place feels like A FOO (Family of Origin....that's just 1 symptom.
I am sometimes slower to put it all together. I wonder how many rooms they have to runaround in and if they (these key players) have really done more than psychological harm. ?
Let's be clear that I am not harassing, or anything, I am calmly and logically wondering what has occured........feel free to e-mail me if you want to share in a safer environment......

Hardest phone call of my life

I made the hardest phone call of my life today. I called my ex-husband and told him that I was screwed up and that no matter what I did I seemed to end up in a different version of the same screwed up place. I told him I knew I had to figure out how to stop it and that I didn't want to drag the boys through the mud of that process. I asked him if our boys, 9 and 11, could come to Dallas and stay... job, no car, about to be evicted. A relationship in ruins. Only this time I see that I got me here.
I'm not a victim, I sabotage. I make horrible decisions and bounce off of everyone around me. I lie, manipulate, control and construe. It's a twisted, self-destructive web that I weave. I'm completely overwhelmed just by the awareness of its existence and I don't know what to do from here.

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Kardashian. Family name. Stone Carving. Meaning, "Kardash" means clustering 'stone' ('kar') + 'carver' ("dashogh" - "dash"). Region of origin; Armenia.

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